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Silesia, Duchy of Münsterberg-Oels, Johann, Ducat Reichenstein 1564 - VERY RARE

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Grade: XF-
Reference: Głuszek P.V.82.2 (R6), F.u.S. 2132, Friedberg 3234

A very rare ducat of Jan Oleśnicki from the Złoty Stok mint from 1564.

A type of ducat introduced by the mint in Złoty Stok in 1563, minted for only three years. The 1564 vintage is the second and penultimate vintage of this issue.

Variety with the inscriptions ending REICHSTENI on the reverse.

Slightly bent, but the background has a lot of mint shine, especially on the coat of arms side.

The first auction quotation on the Polish market for this vintage and this variety.

The auction market in Poland has not seen such a rare Silesian ducat for a long time, which allows us to confidently assume that the emotions during the auction will be at least as great as the rarity of the presented coin.

One of the strongest items of our Limited Auction!

Obverse: bust of Prince John with a chain symbolizing the ruler's dignity, facing left


Reverse: coat of arms shields presented in the form of five simple, separate coat of arms shields, in the upper part there are two horizontally curved shields of the Duchy of Oleśnica and the Duchy of Ziębice, in the middle the year 15-64, separated by the shield of Poděbrady, below the shield of Lower Silesia and the County of Kłodzko


Diameter 22 mm, weight 3.41 g

Jerzy Głuszek - author of the catalog ' Coins and Medals of the Dukes of Oleśnica 1498-1792'

format_quoteJan, called "Oleśnicki", was the third son of Charles I, born in Oleśnica on November 4, 1509 on On February 20, 1536, the wedding of Jan and Krystyna Szydłowiecka - the daughter of Krzysztof, the castellan of Krakow - took place in Krakow. First, Prince John co-ruled with Henry II, George III and Joachim, who in 1542, when he became Bishop of Brandenburg, gave up his rights to the duchy but retained the princely title. Henry II died in 1548, and after the death of his last brother - George III in 1553, John began to rule independently in Oleśnica. Since then, there has been a period of quite long stabilization and an increase in the wealth of the city and, at the same time, the ruler, who begins to rebuild the Oleśnica castle after receiving part of his wife Krystyna's dowry. In 1551, the prince bought from Frederick III, Prince of Legnica, the property pledged to him in 1542 for PLN 40,000. guilders, the Duchy of Ziębice. After the death of his last brother (George III) in 1553, he took over full power in the duchy and started minting ducats with his image at the Złoty Stok mint. The first coin with the image of Prince Jan was minted at the Złoty Stok mint in 1553 under the supervision of mint master Michał Stolz (initial SM). After the death of his wife Krystyna Szydłowiecka /1555/, the 52-year-old prince marries on September 8, 1561 with Margaret of Brunswick. Prince Jan Podiebrad died on February 28, 1565 in Oleśnica at the age of 56 and was buried in the crypt of the castle church in Oleśnica. His heir was his only son, Karol Krzysztof, who inherited the indebted Duchy of Ziębice and part of the Duchy of Oleśnica from his father. On November 13, 1568, Karol Krzysztof sold his part of the Duchy of Oleśnica to his cousins: Henry III and Charles I, hoping that after receiving the inheritance from his mother Krystyna, he would buy these lands. Karol Krzysztof did not receive the long-awaited part of his mother Krystyna's dowry inheritance. The prince died on March 17, 1569 in Oleśnica after complications from angina. However, the cause of death lay deeper in the prince's psyche. As the epitaph funded by the prince's cousin, Barbara von Biberstein, in the Oleśnica basilica says. crowd. from Latin... "He whose earthly life, born from the body of a most respected and ancient family, was weakened and finally broken in the very prime of life, more by the worries arising from the cursed greed of usurers than by disease"format_quote

Limited Auction I "100"
26 May, 19:00 CEST/Warsaw
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2 381 EUR
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2 381 EUR
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Limited Auction I "100"
Sunday, 26 May, 19:00 CEST/Warsaw
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